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tv   Book Discussion on Deep Down Dark  CSPAN  January 1, 2015 11:45am-12:01pm EST

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just deluged with requests for the book not only from booksellers, large and small but from libraries and all kinds of academics. they're contacting us how quickly you can get the book. so it's looking right now like that number may have to go up. >> when will it be available for? >> the official publication date is december 30. will have the book printed and in our warehouse friday, three days from now. we will start shipping immediately. so it may start popping up a little before the 30th in there is independent bookstores but it'll be fully distributed around the country and available on online retailers and in both and mortar retailers and chain bookstores and you may but on december 30. >> and dennis johnson is copublisher of melville house located in brooklyn, new york. here is the cover "the senate intelligence committee report on
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torture." thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> hector tobar is a guest. here is the book, kind of hard to see that title but it is "deep down dark." hector tobar, what is your book about? >> it's about the famous chilean miners who were trapped 2000 feet underground for 60 days in 2010. >> win in 2010 did that happen? >> and october 2010. they were trapped at the bottom of this copper and gold mine, trapped beneath 700 meters of stone. the first two weeks they were slowly starving to death and then they were righteously found that they had to spend another 10 weeks waiting to be rescued. >> so where is the mine in chile located? and why did they get trapped? >> a mine is located in northern chalet a town that is 500 miles north of santiago in the desert which the price desert on earth. this minute been operating for
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120 years. they work at the bottom of the spiral highway from the bottom of this mine 98 degrees 90% humidity. this mine just 120 years of being exploited collapse and trapped them. the only way out was the spiral highway and their trapped in a massive stone rock spent was a gold they were speeded they were mining gold and copper. >> now and when they got trapped what happened exactly? was there an explosion? >> right. there was this massive explosion. the structure of the mountain gateway. it was like living in an earthquake underground the way the men described it to me. they said the stone walls of the caverns in which their trapped again to undulate. there were explosions. another minor told me it was like listening to a machine gun fire at them. so they were trapped below come is basically living a massive
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collapse underground. they had enough food for 25 man to last two days. but the days went by. they begin to ration their food. they lived on a single cookie a day and the net to make a cookie every two days along with a spoonful of tuna, some dirty and docile some dirty and osha warned that was trapped with them. they gradually begin to die as they waited to be rescued. they could hear drills coming for them. so the drill started coming down towards them but the drills kept on missing them so they live very accidental torture two weeks waiting to be rescued waiting to be found spirit so nobody knew they were alive for two weeks? >> nobody knew for two weeks. they believe that they were going to die down the many of them fathers grandfathers believe it would never see the kids again. they were trapped in total darkness. glance other helmets begin to go out after a few days until he found a way to recharge them.
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the second day they begin to pray. one of the men who became famous later as their leader, super mario, his name is mario he rallied them. he said we should pray. he got to his knees in a speech full of expletives said this was not fair that we needed to pray. and then needed to pray. from that day forward the healthy kind of mass every day at noon just before they ate, and they prayed for their deliverance. >> hector towbar, how did you get access to the minor? >> the men were trapped under for 10 weeks at the very last couple days they knew they would be rescued to be pulled up in this capsule. designed by the navy with assistance of nasa. to be pulled out one at a time. the world would see but before they come out to have one last meeting underground to the 33 men. they agree we are going to share the proceeds of this collectively. no one is going to sell a separate deal.
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so when they finally get above ground, they hook up with the biggest law firm in chile at the law firm calls new york, new york literary and they contacted me and i was the person who got exclusive access. i spent the next three years traveling to chile, and to get all 33 men, over hundreds of hours. images were shed because the world doesn't know but a lot of these men were for years broken like a logical by what happened to them. they were tortured underground by this rumbling mountain for 10 weeks. it really ate away at their sense of self, their dignity. i saw biggest of the mother still trapped, and they were not the same and i was anything. they looked battered, beaten down. they spent a lot of time recovering from that in the years after spent all or all 33 still a lot of? >> they are all alive. that's the great miracle is that they all made it out. a lot of people ask me how did
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you make this a tend tense read women all know the end of? it is a miracle and i think the answer to that is this is the start of the who these men really were. they were family men most of them. a lot of them were starting their families. many of them had pregnant girlfriend, pregnant wives. they went down into this very dangerous place to work to make money to feed their families come and this book is really about their lives as mining and as working men, as husbands and fathers and how they got to get back to their families. for me it's a very comparable to the odyssey. the odyssey is a book about family, trying to get back onto his family. these men go through an odyssey in the stone in the mountain trying to get back to the families. >> any divorces or anything dramatic happened in the next three years of? >> actually even while they are still trapped there were family dramas going on. because after the 17th day a
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line with lowered, a phone line. then they got letters. so they guiding contact with the families to correspond and phone calls. some of them actually got back together with their divorced wives because the divorce, a wide sure that the mind. they want to show solidarity with her ex-husband and the kids, ma and they start corresponding to one of the men actually got back together with his ex-wife. many of the men who were just getting their girlfriends while they were trapped ended up getting married within. and so yes in the years after the family comes continue but there's also the famous minor who became -- his wife and his mistress thought on the surface. this story is a tale that lengthened by both, "deep down dark" and how they fought, the two women on the surface. immediate create a myth about him and these two women. supposedly according to the the myth that the moment they encountered each other, discovered about
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each other in the mind actually they knew about one another for a long time before the. so that story is a tale also in my book. >> besides the 33 were there other heroes in this story? >> oh, yes. the drillers the chilean government, the chilean government pulled out credible technological feat to rescue these men, reached down through 2000 feet of stone to a technological feat that had never been done before. and the drillers who are ordinary working stiffs, roustabouts themselves drillers are famous for being that way. they usually drill holes looking for minerals and this time they drilled a hole looking for men who are buried underground. they found these miners through 2000 feet of stone and had to drill another whole to pull them out. the story is also about them. and it's about the wives and families, the children of these miners themselves who fought on the surface to try to get them back. >> any villains of?
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>> yes. there are many villains in the story and one in particular is the general manager of the mine who is in the mine just a few minutes before it collapsed. many of the miners blamed him for the conditions inside the mind, which were very poor. it was no escape, no emergency escape, very poor ventilation. very limited food supplies to the almost starved to death thanks to the general manager of the people around the mind. i interviewed him at length. about the conditions. he feels terrible. he knows he's a villain of the story and he has spent his life trying to redeem himself. >> what is he doing? >> he's continued to working in money but as much in my she says to employees. is a much better boss and much more concerned with safety. >> what are the 33 doing? >> that 33 men have gone back to work, most of them. some of them are retired. some of them were already in the '50s, which is kind of old for a minor in this part of chile.
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they retired, started their own business. some of them actually had to go back and work in underground mining again. i described is at the end of my book how one might are in particular just a few months after being rescued from the san jose might actually have to go back underground, and the first two days are a reading count with his nightmares of being buried alive. he does this work for a short while many of the miners are still working underground. it'sit's a job that pays the best and, unfortunately, they haven't got rich yet from the movie rights or from the book rights. the book is going to be a film but it should come out next year starring antonio banderas as mario. hopefully if the book does well and the film does well they will get a little bit more than they already. >> are they keeping the name tried to? >> the name of the film is going to be called the 33. yes, the 33. it stars antonio banderas estimate it was the dominant
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figure underground mario was somewhat low in the mining hierarchy but it became a very inspirational figure. he rallied the men to pray. he often would have a very sharp mood swings but you would get very depressed. he would fight with the other miners. half the miners loved mario and have the miners haiti. and so mario is a dominant figure and he's played by antonio banderas pictures also a female lead in the movie who is based on a person in my book maria, and she was the sister of one of the miners as you organize the camp of families on the surface to fight for them below. she's going to be played by juliette then those in the film. >> are the 33 close of? >> i can't really say that they are close, know. i think they are bonded by their experience, by the fact that no one else in the world knows what they've been through accept them. they share this experience of having been buried underground
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having become world-famous if they all became famous together. they came out they went to disney world. they went to london to they went to jerusalem. they saw the holy land but can you imagine going from being buried alive and thinking the world is going to forget about you, you will die in the dark of hunger to become a world celebrity and being shown the world. so the only ways to their the only one to show that together but at the same time some of the complex it was underground that i described have continued onto the surface world. especially around the figure of the boss underground but once the action happened, the collapse happened, admitted to me he did not know what to do. there wasn't much he could do and he surrendered his authority and said i am no longer in charge but i'm not the boss. we are all equal. will vote on what we do. a lot of them it felt that was an abdication of responsibility. and so he has become awful someone who is people who read
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the book will seek has become a controversial figure of the miners. >> hector tobar, the council that they were all rescued from first of all was a remarkable people in the states, we were watching this happen for hours, is that remarkable in a since? >> oh, yes. 1.2 booting people around the world saw this. you know, i described this in my book that first they send in a chilean rescuer, a man who is a mining rescuer goes in like a national. he has been trained the astronaut strengthen the way sobering rescuers train. you're going down into this capsule 2000 feet below. and so the whole world is watching. but when the men come out there coming through this stone cavity that is 25, 26 inches in diameter. they come up one at a time and they are alone for like 30 or 40 minutes. so before the world saw them come up, they were alone in this stone cocoon, this stone council.
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many of them said their lives flash before them. they remembered everything that happened in the mind for the states they were trapped. they remembered the days they met their wives the data children were born but it was like being reborn. many of them believes believe that what was happening to the men as they came up to the cavity was like a childbirth. that it was dangerous. and so yes, that's what those men were going through as they came up. >> did they send down may be some anxiety relieving pills or anything for the men before they took their trip up? >> they did. they did. they tried to calm them down. although i saw videos of the first and coming up and he's having his polls taken by one of the rescuers, and his pulse was racing. he was just so nervous and scared. they let him go anyway. in the condition he was then, i think they realized that no one could really be calm at that moment, and they also picked one of the strongest youngest man to go first. ..
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men, and submarine rescue they choose the fittest men to go first. >> where is that capsules today? >> was on display at the regional museum in the desert. and much memorabilia. >> host: the book is deep down dark, the gentle story of 33 men buried -- fertile. >> as always we appreciateour >> robert house talks about the life and career of leo strauss, considered by some to be the father of neoconservativism. it starts now


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